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The use of Phentermine with other medications

Phentermine is a medication that is prescribed for a short-term use for patients needing to lose some weight. There are different periods of taking Phentermine that are recommended for different patients. Thus, somebody can be prescribed to take it only within several days and somebody will be recommended to take this medication for several weeks.
You may have certain health problems and thus you may need to use some other medications as well. Also, you never know what can happen during the time you use Phentermine, and sudden sickness or disorder may require you to use some other drugs.
As you should know, there is a factor like drug interaction. Drug interaction is changes in effects from one drug due to the use of another drug or food. You should avoid drug interaction, because in some cases it may be pretty dangerous to your health.
There are 232 medications known to interact with Phentermine, including 36 major interactions, 194 moderate interactions and 2 minor interactions. It is not that easy to remember all the drugs that are able to interact with Phentermine and this means that you just need to check additionally with your healthcare provider if you can use along with Phentermine some other medication.
Among medications that you should not use along with Phentermine are other diet medications. It is not a totally stick rule, however, because in some cases your healthcare provider may recommend you the use of Phentermine with some other diet medication. What you should really keep in your mind is that you should never take another diet medication along with Phentermine, unless you consult with your healthcare provider.
Unlike many other medications, if you use Phentermine you should not only pay your attention to the medications that you may use along with it, but also to the medications that you used recently. Thus, if you have taken MAO inhibitors, you should wait for at least fourteen days before you can start taking Phentermine.
Just to let you know what consequences you may face if you take the wrong drug with Phentermine, there is information on possible effect provider further. Thus, if you combine Phentermine with some diet medication, you may face a rare fatal lung disorder known as pulmonary hypertension. Also, if you do not wait for 14days since taking the last dose of MAO inhibitors, you may face pretty severe and dangerous side effects.

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